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Should we send Bobu to space?

Farmers, let’s make a historic decision to bring Bobu closer to the moon. When humanity conquers space we are going to need beans, and beans need farmers. Therefore, the International Space Station needs Bobu. Should the drunk farmer take this dangerous and historic journey?

Big moments like this make the history of a brand. Remember when Red Bull had that guy jump from the stratosphere? This is much better, the Red Bull guy wasn’t even drunk, or fractionalized. Let’s make Bobu a household name by making him the first NFT in space (with security keys).

STELLAR is a student research organization and as a show of support to their efforts, Bobu would like to make a donation to help fund their mission. (It costs a lot to keep Bobu well-fed). Read more about STELLAR.

STELLAR’s research will measure the energy output and electrical characteristics of a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) run in a microgravity environment. NFTs will make history with this voyage and will also contribute to important humanitarian research.

Vote now to decide if we send 2k Bobu Tokens (~$1M) to space inside a ledger nano, aboard a SpaceX rocket in a NASA mission to the ISS. Bobu will be in orbit for ~30 days while international astronauts conduct all sorts of experiments on him.  

Are we down for space Bobus? If so, how much should we donate to STELLAR to continue their mission of humanitarian research?

Option 1

Make 2 ETH Donation

Option 2

Make a 4 ETH Donation

Option 3

Make a 6 ETH Donation

Option 4

Make an 8 ETH Donation

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