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SHOULD WE APPROVE OPTIONAL BRIDGING OF BOBU TOKENS ON TO FRAME L2? (Community Proposal by @0xCygaar & @frame_xyz team)

Bobu is an experiment showcasing group ownership, decentralized IP, and governance. We are proposing to extend the Bobuverse by creating a new interactive Bobu experience on Frame’s Layer 2.

Holders will be given the option to bridge over their Bobus (ERC1155 tokens) and receive ERC6551 Bobus on Frame Mainnet. Each Bobu will receive boxes that contain items for Bobu to equip on himself or his environment (potentially his sake house). Bridged tokens will still have the ability to vote on Snapshot proposals. Each trait will be owned by their respective Bobu and will be tradable assets with royalties that can be used to grow the DAO's treasury. We can also add additional traits through collaborations, additional Bobu proposals, or as themed traits for special events.

An on-chain 6551 experience like this would be too expensive on ETH mainnet, so we need to deploy on a Layer 2. The benefit of deploying on Frame is that it enforces royalties, so we can grow the DAO’s treasury on any Bobu-trait trading done there. Additionally, ERC6551 is enshrined at the protocol layer making it cheaper to use than any other chain.

The Frame team will handle the smart contracts and audits for free.

What should we, all the Bobus, do?

Option 1

Yes, approve this proposal

Option 2

No, block this proposal

Vote on Snapshot