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SHOULD WE APPROVE ‘Committee Approved Non-Commercial IP Proposals’? (Community Proposal by the Bobu Committee)

This proposal would enable the Bobu Committee to vote on & approve select non-commercial Bobu proposals, bypassing a community vote. In addition, the Committee would be asking for a 10 ETH treasury allocation to award grants to approved non-commercial proposals. This proposal would allow for a six-month trial period of these permissions. Funding could be no more than 1 ETH per proposal, and it is up to the Committee's discretion in what amounts these funds would be granted, if at all, to any qualifying non-commercial proposals. If this experiment goes well a follow-up proposal will be introduced. If not, permissions would be removed.

The purpose of this proposal is to maximize the growth and usage of Bobu's IP while keeping voter fatigue in check. Two variables that this focuses on are:

1) Developing systems to support Bobu's brand growth

2) Ensuring Bobu holders are engaged and enjoying the experiment.

The Committee wants to provide a quick and easy route for small non-commercial proposals to get access to Bobu's IP. By "small" this means too small to warrant the activation of a community-wide vote on Snapshot.

Read the full proposal on twitter here: https://twitter.com/the__eeb/status/1663565205841006595?s=20

What should we, all the Bobus, do?

Option 1

Yes, approve this proposal

Option 2

No, block this proposal

Vote on Snapshot