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Should we approve ‘Bobu Presents: Alley Records'? (Community Proposal by @mor3_so)

Bobu Presents: Alley Records is a proposed decentralized music label and remote collaboration platform for Azuki musicians to co-create, complete, and distribute music. Bobu Token holders will vote on songs during contests to determine which the label releases. As the label leader, Bobu will become the top music NFT influencer, enhancing the value of the Bobu brand IP. The cost of building the infrastructure and retaining the necessary talent for the project is $73.5k.

Read the full proposal on @mor3_so twitter.

Bobu Presents: Alley Records aims to streamline collaboration between artists and involve the Azuki, Beanz, and Bobu community in providing feedback and voting on song releases.

This proposal would launch a new chapter in Bobu’s story in the role of a music executive, deciding (through the community) which songs are released). The project benefits Bobu's IP and token holders by expanding Bobu's influence in the music NFT space, involving token holders in voting, and sharing song proceeds with musicians and the Bobu treasury.

The treasury investment required is $73.5k, covering the development of Alley Records, four months of operations, and two contest periods. The treasury will receive returns through proceeds from minting contest winning songs, ensuring financial sustainability.

The team behind Alley Records includes individuals skilled in vocals, production, A&R, and engineering, who have worked with Grammy Award-winning artists and producers.

The team will meet with the Bobu Committee monthly to update on status. Monthly funding will be released on a majority Committee yes vote. Milestones and deliverables consist of the Discord structure creation, Alley Records‘ launch in Discord, and two contest periods.

What should we, all the Bobus, do?

Option 1

Yes, approve this proposal

Option 2

No, block this proposal

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