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Bobu used to have a lovely wall of polaroids with memories of special moments. However, he is a messy drunk and has lost some of his favorite polaroids… Don’t worry! He remembers exactly what happened in those memories. Bobu needs the help of community artists to recreate these precious moments from his life. This proposal, if successful, would include the community voting on which memories get recreated as illustrated “polaroids” and maintained on an official Bobu website capturing his canon lore.

Read the full proposal on notion here https://striped-repair-6fe.notion.site/Bobu-Po-Lore-Oid-Proposal-314869fba9964e07a3bd983a5bc6ee19

This proposal would include:

  • Generation of 20 memory prompts of Bobu’s past representing canon lore of Bobu (that don’t break potential future storylines) - vetted by the Chiru content team
  • Selection of final prompts by Zhu, our Creative Director and through community engagement on twitter/X polls to select the top 11 prompts
  • 11 different community artists commissioned to create one polaroid each
  • A webpage for the polaroids to be revealed along with short canon lore for each image
  • Optional commemorative mint through Bobu’s Card Shop at the end of the polaroid lore reveals

Examples of memories to recreate

  • Bobu and Yuki go shopping in the Alley
  • Shao loses her patience waiting for Bobu to shut up about bean farming
  • Bobu & a community member’s Azuki train up in a dojo
  • Bobu in an onsen with a bunch of sloths and some floating red beans
  • Bobu tending to his prize bean garden
  • An Azuki explaining to Bobu soju drinking games
  • Fractionalized Bobus playing mahjong with themselves
  • ….and more like this

The proposal team is asking for approval to use 2-3 ETH from the treasury. The funding will be used to commission artists primarily for the polaroid illustrations, with 1 ETH set aside for an optional mint experience that might accompany the execution of this proposal (the 1 ETH won’t be spent if the mint isn’t carried out).

What should we, all the Bobus, do?

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