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Should we approve “Bobu Nitro Cold Brew”? (Community proposal by @yoshitaka.eth & the @redbeancoffeeOF team)

Red Bean Coffee’s proposal aims to amplify Bobu's decentralized IP and brand through coffee consumable that can reach consumers around the globe. Red Bean Coffee will launch an exclusive line of Bobu inspired Nitro Cold Brew products with 3 flavors. Flavor names and packaging design is to be selected by the Bobu token holders through a vote.

Red Bean Coffee is seeking a grant of $30k to make this into a reality. $20k for production and $10k for marketing support. The treasury would receive 10% of revenue on the first order, and 5% in perpetuity.

Read the full proposal here: https://twitter.com/redbeancoffeeOF/status/1666421552231899136?s=20

What should we Bobus do?

Option 1

Yes, approve this proposal

Option 2

No, block this proposal

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