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Bobu’s getting used to the same faces everyday. He wants to relax with some new music to engage the community as well as potential new faces through his Lo-Fi channel on the Azuki YT Page.  

Bobu wants to be seen and heard, engage with more people in new ways outside of the Discord, or twitter channel. This proposal, if successful, would allow the committee to push for Bobu to get his time infront of new eye’s and future fans of his lovable character.

Read the full proposal on notion here https://just-ixora-cef.notion.site/Lofi-Bobu-41c623911dc2489b94a729d857759a72 

This proposal would include:

  • Creation of new Lo-Fi channel within the Azuki YT channel
  • Licensing music from the community as well as 3rd party licensing services
  • 11 different community artists commissioned to create one polaroid each
  • Simple animations of Bobu in his different environments
  • Community engagement events to chat with Bobu on streams
  • The proposal team is asking for approval to use $27,900 from the treasury. 
  • The funding will be used to license music from the community artists, as well as 3rd party licensing services. 
  • Allows the team to create simple animations,and let Bobu come to life in chat coming to life in a new way. 
  • Setup a dedicated streaming PC to go live, as well as create offline content like YT shorts, or Tiktoks. 
  • Lastly, will allow the team to contract resources ensuring this to run smoothly.

What should we, all the Bobus, do?

Option 1

Yes, approve this proposal

Option 2

No, block this proposal

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