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Should we make a Bobu Bucket Hat or a Bobu Plushie?

Farmers, let’s make an adorable decision without getting too shady. Toiling in the farm without a hat, under the sun, is very dangerous for all farmers. Why not make an exclusive Bobu Bucket hat for all farmer to wear outdoors or indoors?

However, sometimes all you need is a sake-filled farmer to hug and squeeze. What if we turned Bobu into an adorable plushie that you can hug all night? Bobu is an icon, a hero, a brand, and there is no brand without some cool merch.

Vote now to decide how we use 7ETH from Bobu's multisig to continue growing Bobu’s brand with some exclusive Bobu merch.

What should we, the farmers, do?

Option 1

Make a Bobu Plushie

Option 2

Make a Bobu Bucket Hat

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